UI Artist

Madrid, Community of Madrid, Spain · Art


As UI Artist your primary role is to produce quality artwork needed to visualise a Game User Interface. You will have a keen attention to detail and consistency that ensures your work is accurate and technically sound to allow the team to correctly transition it into game. You will adapt styles as necessary, during the exploratory stages of pre-production or as you move projects. You will also be required to investigate style options that helps the Leads and Directors realise their vision. You will be

required to create and quality check in-game assets and entire menus to ensure they match visual and technical briefs. You will track your time and report your progress, or any risks and issues daily, or at the point of identification.


A 'regular' artist has experience and a demonstrable talent shown in a solid portfolio. A deep understanding of their discipline and an appreciation of what they've yet to learn with an ambition to improve. They are hardworking and dependable.

  • Demonstrated ability to design UI for Video Games
  • Demonstrated, solid foundation in art fundamentals
  • Demonstrated understanding of composition and visual hierarchy for improved UI
  • Theoretical understanding of motion for improved UI
  • Understands platform requirements (e.g. Console/Mobile)
  • Proficient with generating ideas/concepts/thumbs in 2D
  • Proficiency in design software (e.g. Adobe CS, Flash)
  • Proficient in UI game tools (e.g. NGUI)
  • Understanding of UI/interaction design and UX pipelines and workflow
  • Clearly follows best working practices - seeks agreement on direction by presenting a variety of well drafted/grounded ideas before starting final art
  • Annotates work for clear handover to artists/designers/engineers
  • Follows up on their art and provides support as it is transitioned into game
  • Keeps up with industry trends and techniques
  • Avid follower of interface design trends
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