Senior Game Designer - The Irregular Corp

London, England, United Kingdom · Design


The Irregular Corporation is an independent games publisher, focusing or releasing original games for niche markets and communities. We’re a small and nimble team of experienced professionals, with every member having direct input on strategy, decision making and company success. Thanks to the success of recent launches and rapid growth of the company, we’re expanding our design team.

TIC mainly works with external teams - be they indie devs, seasoned studios or work-for-hire teams - and, while many have dedicated design, they almost all need experienced and solid creative support at some point. We’re looking for a strong design generalist who can give advice, design out game systems or get up to their elbows balancing gameplay and everything in between. This is very much a role for someone who can turn their creative and design sensibilities to anything and isn’t phased by a challenge. It is a varied and diverse position with a lot of creative and operational autonomy and responsibility with huge potential for the right candidate. A large part of TIC’s future plans are to create internal IP and grow them into franchises, part of your eventual responsibility will be to own one of these franchises and ensure its success. Lead design experience is a big plus.

Experience in / a love of the simulation / tycoon / strategy space is a massive plus as these are the areas that TIC focus on. PC title dev experience is also a bonus.

Role Responsibilities

1. Client IP and Published Titles

We have many external titles that are published by TIC. These titles require different levels and types of support for them to be a success.

2. Knowledge Hub and Title Evaluation

We receive thousands of potential titles that are whittled down to the few that we invest in and the design dept. play a major role in this process.

3. Internal IP

We prototype our own games to find IP that we can develop into our own franchises.



You will be responsible for the design and quality of our most valued internal IP franchise as well as being a major creative voice in almost all of what goes on at TIC. We’re looking for someone entrepreneurial, who is able to make decisions on how things should be done and act on them. They are able to work proactively by themselves as well as with and within existing teams.

The TIC team mostly work remotely from home using instant messaging, video calls and documentation to communicate effectively. While we have regular face-to-face meetings you will need to be able to operate remotely and independently.

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